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Aromantic/Asexual Resources

This page includes a few resources for aromantic- and asexual-spectrum students at UVA and beyond. If you have any questions about aromantic/asexual student support or want to get connected to aromantic/asexual community at UVA, please contact Alex Winkowski, Program Coordinator - LGBTQ Student Services at

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network

  • Hosts the world's largest online asexual community as well as a large archive of resources on asexuality. AVEN strives to create open, honest discussion about asexuality among sexual and asexual people alike. Includes resources for both exploring asexuality and support for friends/family.

The Trevor Project - Asexual

  • Includes an overview of aseuxality, a list of Frequently Asked Questions for people exploring asexuality, and links to additional resources.

Tips on Coming Out as Asexual

  • Blog post from a writer at the Asexual Agenda