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PLEASE NOTE: The University is implementing a delayed start to the fall semester. Information and FAQs are available on the Return to Grounds website and the Fall 2020 Student Resource website, which will be updated frequently.

All events on Grounds are cancelled until further notice.

On-Grounds Connections

Incident Reporting & Resources

Just Report It: Online system for reporting bias incidents to the University. The Dean on call at the time of the report will be notified.

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment

Not On Our Grounds: Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative

On-Grounds Housing 

Housing and Residence Life offers an inclusive Open Housing option. This enables upperclassmen and transfer students, 18 years and older, to request roommates regardless of the students’ sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression. As of now, this option will be available at Bice, Copeley, Faulkner, and Lambeth Residence Areas. If you and your roommates/apartment mates are interested in this housing option you must complete a housing application online by the deadline and send an email to

Students with housing concerns, or first year students who would like to receive information about all options available in on-grounds housing, should contact the Assistant Director of Assignments, Countess Hughes, at or 434-924-3314 for support and assistance.

Counseling and Mental Health Support

HELPLine: 295-TALK

HELPLine is an anonymous, confidential telephone service serving the residents of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and the University of Virginia. We are a student-run, student-operated program, staffed entirely of volunteers, affiliated with Madison House. Visit the HELPLine website for more info.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Groups

The U.Va. Department of Student Health, Harrison Bowne “Tersh” Smith Jr., Memorial Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a full-service outpatient clinic whose mission is to be responsive to the counseling and psychiatric needs of U.Va. students while also providing crisis management, consultation, and psycho-educational outreach services to the broader U.Va. community. CAPS group offerings are updated each semester.  


This is a support group for students who want to become more comfortable within themselves, and with their gender identity and sexuality. This inclusive group welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender/gender non-conforming, queer, asexual, and intersex students. Members of the group include those who are fully out to others, those who are out to only a few chosen people, and those who are only just coming out to themselves. The group provides a confidential and safe space in which LGBTQ+ students can explore questions related to gender and sexuality, and also discuss issues related to societal and personal values, relationships, choices, self-esteem, and self-care. This is not thought of as a therapy group because we do not believe that LGBTQ+ identities are indicative of psychopathology. Instead, this group is designed to foster healthier adjustment and self-development in its participants by providing the opportunity to share, and reflect on their experiences, thoughts, and emotions in some depth in an atmosphere that is non-judgmental and supportive. A pre-group screening with the facilitator is required to join this group.

Contact Katie Richard, LPC if you have any questions about this group.

Women’s Center Counseling Services

Since 1990, the Women’s Center has offered individual, couples, and group counseling services to University of Virginia students, faculty, and staff, as well as to members of the Charlottesville community. Counseling is offered for both men and women individually, as well as couples. The Women’s Center offers free and confidential support groups for UVA students, faculty, staff and Charlottesville community members. For more information and participation, call 434-982-2361.

Career Development

University of Virginia Career Center – Diversity Resources

The UVA Career Center provides guidance and resources to a support students' internship/carreer goals.


Single Stall & Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

For a map of single stall and gender-neutral bathrooms, visit our Bathrooms Map.


For information on additional LGBTQ+ resources, please email Multicultural Student Services or email Alex Wiinkowski, Program Coordinator - LGBTQ Student Services at